My Life as a (Rookie) Editor: New Books!

With all the craziness happening in my life as of late, I forgot to mention that I found three new books with my name on them! Yaaaay!

So if you’d like to indirectly support me, or at least let Tokyopop know that the stuff I work on is awesome, please buy these books!


Songs to Make You Smile by Natsuki Takaya (4/27)

Karakuri Odette vol 3 by Julietta Suzuki (4/27)

NG Life vol 5 by Mizuho Kusanagi (4/27)

My bookshelf is growing!



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16 responses to “My Life as a (Rookie) Editor: New Books!

  1. Is “Songs to Make You Smile” is a short story anthology? Thats my favorite type of manga.


  2. You know what be cool? If you buy the books and then take a picture of where your name is in them. haha That be fun to see.

  3. O.o I’ll be picking up Songs to Make You Smile when it comes out, so I will have a book with your name in it! That’s cool. :)

  4. lys

    I’m keeping up with Karakuri Odette, and I wanted to check out Songs too… so I’ll be sure to watch for your name in the credits! :D Congrats!!

    • Please do! I’m so happy to hear that you’re interested in those series. (I love them so much.)

      • lys

        Also, man, I knew Ysabet and the Nibley Twins worked on Banquet, but it’s awesome seeing all their names and yours together on that page. I agree with Kris, it’s super exciting to spot names of people I know in my manga. What a great team!!

        • Why thank you! It was super-exciting to work on that project even though it was rather hellacious. (You’ll see what I mean when you get it. Hooboy.) Everyone put a lot of work into the book too, you could tell. Most of my problems were about fonts and whatnot, not the actual translation or adaption!

  5. Jammer

    Nice. I’ll definitely pick up the Natsuki Takaya title.

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