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Exciting news! Magician iPhone App Released by iSeeToon

So, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been working with a Korean company named iSeeToon to re-write and edit webtoons (they’re a lot like webcomics) for the iPhone in English.

Well now you can get the first series from iSeeToon that I worked on, Magician by Kim Se Rae, on your iPhone! It’s free to download the app, the first two chapters are free and the subsequent chapters are only 99 cents! (The first five chapters are up, but there are lots more coming soon!)

Magician is about two kids, Eremi and Enze, whose adventures start when they challenge the infamous mage, Edermask. Just what kind of guy is he if he doesn’t mind taking two pre-teens along for the ride and just why is everyone out to get him? The mystery starts here!

(That, btw, is not the preview copy that I officially wrote. I totally made some new copy on the spot. Heheh.)

You can download the app here or search for “Magician” in the iTunes store and it will come right up!

Sorry for this shameless plug, guys, but since this is the first English language product from iSeeToon, they need all the love they can get right now! Even if you just download the app and give me or the company some constructive criticism, you’re helping us out a lot. Not to mention, if you buy any of the chapters, you’re keeping me gainfully employed.

Please let us know what you think about Magician!


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