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Geek not Greek Video: Minna no Anime

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Geek not Greek: Photo Slideshow

A few of you might remember some of these photos from a previous blog post, but this is really just an exercise for my class. My beat is comics and, well, actually taking pictures of comic books does not make for exciting slideshows. I could have done something else, like comic book stores, but there aren’t enough of them in my area to meet the minimum requirements for the assignment.

ANYWAY. These are some of the photos of Minna no Anime from the audio slideshow only without my stupid voice and with sparkly new captions! Minna no Anime’s a great place and we’re probably one of the best anime clubs in the nation. (A shared opinion.) I hope you enjoy learning about my anime club.

Minna no Anime

Click to see the slideshow

On a sad note, this is my last week of classes as a Cal Poly student and that means my last week attending Minna no Anime regularly. I’ve been with this club over four years, ever since my first week as a freshman. I’ve made so many great friends here and I have so many memories of good times. Sure, my world’s not going to end, but it might be a little bit sadder without Minna no Anime in it. I’m going to miss it so much.

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Geek not Greek: Minna no Anime

SCREW THOSE EDITS: So, you still have to click the photo to get to the website where you can view the audio slideshow, BUT I MADE IT SHINY!

ANOTHER Edit: Eh. Nothing I’m trying is working, so here’s a link to the big, shiny and not cut off slideshow. I trust you can click on it without hurting yourself or feeling inconvenienced.
Edit: Yeah, so the video kind of got cropped oddly. I’m trying to figure out how to fix that and whatnot. Sorry!

So everyone, here’s a little peek at a project I’m working on for one of my classes. Basically we have to create a multimedia project around a topic of our choice. My project is called Geek  not Greek and contrasts alternative college lifestyles, such as anime clubs, against the typical fraternity/sorority/party lifestyle.

I kind of had to pick one club focus on in order not to kill myself so I chose my school’s anime club, Minna no Anime, because these are the people who have essentially been my family the past 5 years and helped me grow and flourish as an anime and manga fan.

Without this club and my experiences in it, I don’t think I’d be where I am today, trying to make my life about comics, anime and manga.

So, I hope you really enjoy my slideshow!

(BTW, I am a horrible speaker, so please excuse my terrible, uninteresting manner of speaking. There’s a reason I didn’t go into broadcast journalism!)

Minna no Anime

Click to see the slideshow


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