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Tokyopop goes on tour

A few minutes ago, TOKYOPOP released a call for interns for a summer tour.

Here’s what I can tell you:

1. TOKYOPOP is going on tour! Hitting up cons,  local bookstores and libraries and just generally getting themselves out there. You should keep an eye out in case they come your way. There will probably be contests, giveaways and the like. Fun stuff, you know.

2. It’s going to be HUUUUUGE in a lot of ways. Too bad I can’t tell you how so yet. Have fun speculating.

3. I wish I could go on it. It looks like a lot of fun, but this internship is my last class. Considering how I’ve landed myself a job already, I’ve got plenty of reasons to not join this tour. Also, I suck on camera and that’s one of their requirements.

4. This means TOKYOPOP is looking to spread its reach. A grassroots tour is an interesting way of doing it. (I can’t help but compare it to election campaigns since there’s a tour involved.) I know of a few of the exciting things that’ll be part of the tour, but I imagine there’s much much more that I don’t know about it. I’m excited to see what exactly will happen.It sounds like a pretty cool way to connect with fans face-to-face. The only other way fans usually get to connect with publishers is at cons!

Let’s see what surprises this tour will bring us!

P.S. Great way to get some college credit AND travel the country.


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